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Does your company operate an advance payment guarantee (APG) which will protect advance payment if your company becomes insolvent or bankrupt?

Yes, as a member of the BAR, we provide domestic moving clients with an APG Scheme for clients moving in the UK.

To qualify as a bona fide claim, the following criteria MUST all be satisfied in full:

  • At the date of the advance payment, the failed Member MUST have been a member of a current BAR APG Scheme AND
  • The Contract to move the goods MUST be between a private individual and the failed Member AND
  • The Contract MUST be for the relocation of household furniture and effects as part of a transfer of residence AND
  • The payment MUST have been made direct to the failed Member by cheque, debit card or cash

Payments by credit card ARE NOT covered as the customer will have recourse against the credit card company under the Consumer Credit Act.

In the event of a claim, a decision will be made by the APG Scheme Trust to either:

Fulfil the contract OR reimburse the advance payment.

For all enquiries, or to make a claim, please email: